KelpCrofting operate off the Isle of Skye, growing kelp in the pristine waters of the West Highlands, Scotland. Our kelp is grown on ropes held below the surface, and the water is so clear that the kelp can flourish down to depths of 10m. The strong tides and currents in the area also ensure a constant supply of nutrients (essential for good growth). The waters where we grow our kelp is classified as  'High Status' according to the Water Framework Directive, which is the best rating a water body can receive, and means it has negligible levels of pollution. As a result, our kelp is uncontaminated with harmful chemicals such as heavy metals and hydrocarbons. 

We are currently growing kelp within an existing aquaculture site off Skye, which has been used to cultivate shellfish for many years and has an algal licence in place. We have also been granted a marine licence for a new kelp farm in the waters of South Pabay, which will be installed in 2021. These sites combined provide us with around 20 hectares of marine area to grow kelp.

South Pabay Seaweed Farm:

Details of the South Pabay kelp farm are shown in the map below, and the full licence can be viewed here. This site is not yet operational, and the plan is to start installing the kelp farm infrastructure on the 31st August  2021. Once the moorings are installed, kelp seed will be deployed in October-November, with first harvest taking place the following spring.

(Left) Site boundary area for South Pabay seaweed farm, indicated by the  blue rectangle. 

Coordinates for the  four boundary corners are:

57° 15.975' N 05° 51.245' W
57° 16.147' N 05° 50.835' W
57° 16.039' N 05° 50.687' W
57° 15.867' N 05° 51.097' W

Public Consultation:

During June 2020  KelpCrofting carried out a Pre-Application Consultation (PAC) to seek the views of the local community and wider interests on the proposed kelp farm at south Pabay. This consultation was carried out before applying for a marine licence, and feedback helped inform and support our application. We view engagement with the community as a continual and vital process, so please contact us on if you want to learn more about kelp farming, what we do, who we are and how to get involved.

The public briefing document used as part of the consultation can be downloaded HERE (V.2)

A Q&A Document was produced as part of the consultation, addressing all the questions raised in the public meeting on 3 July 2020.  It can be downloaded HERE.